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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dennis aren't Monkeying around...

Its official - digital magazines DO work.

Look at the ABC's posted by the Dennis portfolio - iGizmo, Monkey and iMotor.

        • Monkey - recorded 283,541 average readers per issue, marking its fourth successive ABCe rise and its best result since launching in 2006.

        • iGizmo - iGizmo attracted 101,785 average readers per issue.

        • iMotor - registered a circulation of 108,622.

        Dennis claims that advertising responsiveness has been very high with the digital titles, with a recent car manufacturer promotion in iMotor delivering over 200 test drives and 400 brochure requests from a single insertion.

        Bruce Sandell, head of new product development at Dennis, said: "We now have over 1.4m readers [per month] opening, engaging with and enjoying our digital magazines.
        "Our readers are also spending over half an hour immersed in each issue which makes the environment a very different proposition to websites, where the audience is far more likely to dip in and out.

        "This audits prove that the digital magazine sector is a viable, growing and successful business model."

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