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Monday, October 27, 2008

Love is in the air for digital magazines

I had a heads up on this after having two of their team on my course last month - this is a really interesting development given the target demographic (which of course is older...)
Mills & Boon is making a major commitment to e-book publishing with the decision to make dozens of new titles available as digital downloads every month.
It is is making all titles available as e-books every month, with the exception of its special releases, centenary products and summer sale books.
Mills & Boon admits that one of the benefits is that fans can read the books in "total anonymity", allowing them to avoid the embarrassment factor. It also says that it will mean fans won't have to wait for the latest titles to be delivered, as they can be downloaded instantly.
One of the things I discovered was that the top search on their site is "knickers"
Fancy that..

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