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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Students of Digital

The MPA - thats the Magazine Publishers of America for the uninitiated - have launched a pilot programme to deliver digital magazines to students. The publishers involved, including Business Week and Hearst, hope to get around 4 to 5,000 subscribers via this test.

Will the PPA here follow suit ?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Top of the (digital) Pops

A warm welcome to digital publishing for BBC Magazines, who announced today that their teen magazine, Top Of The Pops, is going digital next month.

The magazine, like its eponymous TV show, had been consigned to the dustbin in print, so this marks a seismic change for the corporation.

Details of the new offering are sketchy, except to say that subscriptions will be pegged at £9.99 a year - substantially cheaper than the £2.10 that readers were previously expected to pay.

The Long Tail

Folio Magazine has a really interesting piece on "the long tail" - Chris Anderson's theory on economic demand.

It should be required reading for ANY senior magazine executive.

Find it here