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Friday, October 22, 2004

Digital Home

Another win for Texterity ; this time persuading Electronic Home to move onto its platform.

Although I'm still not a fan of the Texterity platform, you have to admit it showcases the magazine beautifully.

Go to to get your free sample !

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Business 3.0

Time Warner's new economy bible, Business 2.0 is experimenting with Texterity's digital publishing system, soon after going live with Zinio.

It enables readers to view the entire issue online for free and allows navigation either from the contents or to scroll through the magazine.

Personally, I'm not convinced ; on anything less than a 1mB connection it's slow and there is no easy way to avoid the ads...

Heaven help us if it ever gets back to the 300 pages it achieved in its prime.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Two new ventures this week

Firstly, Mediapost reports that Epicurius, the online culinary site is shortly to launch its own digital magazine on Zinio. The publisher, Robert Angelone noted "Everything is the same, except you don't send it to a printer."

Well unless you want to print it out presumably....

And second off the blocks is IPC Media's TV & Satellite Week, the tv listings magazine which is going digital with Olive Software.

The digital edition is identical to the magazine in layout, but users can search and highlight text, archive issues and access website links for further information on programmes.

Now all readers have to wait for is something decent to watch.