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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Texterity survey shows decline in print

About 44% of digital readers have decreased their use of print in the last year, according to a survey by Texterity, which produces digital publications. The BPA Worldwide-certified digital magazine reader survey was distributed online and generated about 12,000 responses. The survey found that 89% of respondents read the digital edition the same week they receive it while 42% read it immediately. It also found that 44% of digital readers have decreased their use of print in the last year.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why digital magazines are bollocks

Now I’m never one to pick an argument…

Particularly not with someone who normally talks a good deal of sense; in this case Peter Kirwan and the excellent Fullrunner.

In the latest edition, Pete leaps to the defence of one of Future’s chief executives, Stevie Spring. At a recent magazine conference Ms Spring attacked Dennis Publishing for “talking bollocks” about digital magazines – and in particular Monkey.

Of course, this would have nothing to do with the paucity of Future’s own digital offerings – so far behind the curve they make Tom Moloney look like Bill Gates – or the fact that Sony chose Dennis ahead of Future to mail a million Playstation 3 promotional “digimags” to their database.

No, evidently she’s piqued at Felix Dennis and his ability to make a magazine “out of not very much”.

I’m intrigued. What would Ms Spring provide advertisers and readers instead?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The path to surfing goes green

The Surfer’s Path, the first truly ‘green’ surfing magazine, today launched a digital web edition of its magazine using the Exact Editions platform for delivery. This is the first time the full contents and some of the back issues have been made available online.

The current issue and archive are obtainable for subscribers to browse and search online.They are replicas of the print edition. A trial issue of the magazine in the Exact Editions service is available for testing and free reading from the site at