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Friday, November 07, 2008

NxtBook looks to reKindle sales

Nxtbook Media, a digital magazine vendor, recently announced that its customers will have the option to publish their content on Amazon’s Kindle. Nxtbook says it is the first digital magazine producer to offer Kindle support.

The Kindle has been both praised and criticized for its text-heavy, black-and-white display. Unlike the often flashy, oversized color presentation normally associated with digital magazines, Nxtbook intends to offer the magazines in text form.

Digital magazines can be accessed from the Kindle through the device's integrated browser. (The feature is listed on the Kindle's "Experimental" menu, something that Nxtbook hopes Amazon will eventually change.)

Nxtbook also says that Kindle support will be offered at no additional cost to customers of Nxtbook Media's Liberty program. A number of magazine publishers have already packaged their content for the Kindle. Last month, Newsweek released a collection of election coverage as an e-book series for the Kindle.

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