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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Digital magazines on the up

Digital magazines are getting high marks from people who receive them, according to a new survey by Mediamark Research and Intelligence for Texterity.
Overall, the 2008 Digital Magazine Reader Survey found that 89% of readers were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their digital magazines, with 90% reading the digital edition the same week that they receive it.
In terms of advertising, 90% of readers took some kind of action after seeing a product or service advertised in a digital magazine. Seventy-eight percent of digital business magazine readers said they rely on the magazines to do their job better. Recipients also gave high marks to the magazines for being environmentally friendly and convenient, including their text-based search capability.

No surprise--digital magazine readers are embracing digital technology, with 76% saying they prefer to contact a company via its Web site (versus the phone or mail).
The most popular ways to read the magazines are on a desktop (74%) or laptop (61%). A small but growing group (6%) reads digital magazines on the iPhone.

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