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Friday, July 27, 2007

IWeek for IPhone

IndustryWeek has partnered with digital publisher Texterity Inc. to launch a beta version of the first digital magazine interface and portal designed for the Apple iPhone.

As part of the demonstration, publishers have made free digital editions available to any iPhone user. Publishers are joining the beta test for the opportunity to reach a new audience and offer cross-platform convenience.
"Cross-platform, digital magazine delivery and mobile access are key elements of our audience marketing strategies for all of our more than 110 leading trade magazines," said Blair Johnson, Vice President, Business Development, Penton Media. "We're extremely pleased that IndustryWeek will be among the first publications available to users of Apple's advanced iPhone platform, through this release of Texterity's new reader."

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Don said...

Texterity has over 20 magazines available for the iPhone. There's a list at: