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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Project Celia is just for girls..

NatMags is to become the second magazine publisher to produce a stand-alone digital magazine with the launch of a weekly fashion and entertainment e-zine for teenage girls, developed under the name Project Celia.

The as-yet unnamed magazine, which could adopt CosmoGirl! branding, will launch by the end of March.The publisher has teamed up with Ceros, the software company behind Dennis’ digital men’s magazine Monkey, to produce the magazine, which is currently in test phase.

Each issue will run to at least 35 pages and will target 13 to 19-year-old girls with fashion, music, film and TV content with a humorous tone, rounding up content from websites such as YouTube and inviting readers to send in clips.As with Monkey, it will be e-mailed for free each week and will have a variety of rich media ad formats, including display ads with embedded content, advertorials, sponsorships and bumper ads that bookend video clips.

Cosmo Girl! will be one of several teen magazines posting a drop in the latest ABC figures, out this week, and the new format aims to extend NatMags’ reach among an audience that spends increasingly more time online.Jan Adcock, Cosmopolitan and Cosmo Girl! group publishing director, said it would sit alongside the print and web editions of Cosmo Girl! to offer a variety of ways to reach teenage girls.

“Teenagers are restricted by their parents to how much time they can spend online each week, so we want to offer them a filter of the best of the web,” said Adcock.Celia Duncan, editor of Cosmo Girl!, is developing the project, which will have a seven-strong editorial team. An acting editor for Cosmo Girl! is being sought.A publisher for Cosmo Girl!, and Project Celia is also being recruited to replace Di Roach, who left at the end of last year to study for an MBA. will relaunch at the end of this month.

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