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Thursday, December 02, 2004

A funny thing happened

On the way to the Digital Magazine Forum here in windy NYC.

Well, not to me specifically, but it does make for an enticing intro, wouldn't you agree ?

Because all I have to report from day 1 is on the interminable debate between circulation luminaries on "how to classify digital downloads" (See all media passim).

To give you some flavour of the quality of debate, try this from Mediapost's coverage..

"While the subject of downloads of digital magazine editions may have seemed messy, what actually constitutes a digital magazine appeared to be equally confusing during the audit bureau panel discussion, as well as throughout the day-long digital magazine forum. "

Promising, wouldn't you agree. In principle, everyone seems agreed that digital magazines are a "good thing". However, rival circulation monitors BPA and ABC have very different takes on how to best register digital circulations for their media buying clients.

Judging by the apathy and indifference most media agencies display toward anything innovative, I wouldn't say they are being rushed into finding a compromise...

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