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Monday, June 30, 2008

Digital magazines receive limited demand

John Menzies new magazine service, "Magazines On Demand" has issued a press release claiming 20,000 registrations and downloads in its first six weeks of operations.
Impressive ? Well that largely depends on your interpretation of success. 20,000 is roughly the circulation of a niche magazine, so this isn't quite critical mass yet.
Of the downloads, I'd suggest most are to get the free copy of Total Film, so I'd be very interested to see who (and how many) have actually paid for a copy.


mike said...

What do you think of ZOOZOOM, The Original Online Glossy?

This is the cover:

A feature story:

An ad:

I'm interested in what you think.


Paul said...

This service really works for me, I live in South Africa and IMHO we are starved of decent magazines, the magazines that I subscribe to (Custom PC & PC Pro) are either not available or ridiculously expensive and old.