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Friday, August 24, 2007

New digital magazine for footie

A company in Manchester is launching a new free digital magazine targeted at football fans next month.Entitled "Catflap", it will debut on 11 September, with David Beckham as its firstcover star, and will carry the tagline: "It's not about cats, it's about football".


Even odder is the opinion of its publisher that it should achieve 100,000 downloads in just four months, which I think is a tad optimistic.My advice ? Try some SEO boys, as you can't find any reference to it on Google


Robert Andrews said...

Yeah, where is it, who are they?

Danny Crouch said...

Odd Publisher here. Evenin', article stated a 100,000 open rate in it's first four weeks. That's 25,000 an issue, an eighth of Monkeys offical ABCe open rate, naturally I want to manage expecations. What's wrong with that? You cannot SEO a flash file. plus there's no need because it's database targeted. so kinda irrelevent. N.B. Note to self; Don't take critisim to heart LMAO D Crouch, Brighton.

almost said...

Here's their website:

Catflap Magaine

Odd name for a Football magaine I must say ? But it looks like it could be good and I do love my football so I've signed up to get an email about the first issue, we shall see!

mark said...

This looks interesting. I think this is the first football e-zine around. Catflap Magazine does though appear in the top ten google search I've just done (catflap football), it also appears when you type in catflap magazine.

Perhaps all the references to it in your article are helping.

Rob said...

The content is great (if not too much for a small screen), not sure about the page turning system though. Looks like they have based it on Monkey, the fashion page is a dead rip off.
I was interested to see what system they were using it may be bespoke, but it's hard to tell.

Will be interesting to see when they publish their ABCE certified figures!