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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

NatMags floats Jellyfish

NatMags have now uploaded the first issue of Jellyfish Magazine, a digital ezine aimed at teen girls. Naturally enough, its is heavily "celeb" orientated (if Danielle Lloyd can legitimately be termed a celebrity that is) with a healthy dose of music - including download samples - fashion, TV, gossip and of course boys.

Like Monkey, its is based on the Ceros system, with lots of video, audio content and web links. Among the things I liked were the "click to rotate" feature on the shopping pages, and the fact that it links directly to a number of social media sites like Bebo and MySpace. Additionally, the magazine has marketed itself by producing behind the scenes videos for YouTube.

Only problem is the advertising - on which this publication will stand or fall. Only Garnier have supported the launch issue, and for the magazine to gain any traction, they will need more support from big name brands.

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Adam Hodgkin said...

I link this to the MSFT Seadragon technology in this blog entry

I cant wait to see Seadragon with a digital magazine on an IPhone. Do you think MSFT and Apple will collaborate? ;-)