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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its too late (to Emigrate)

A reminder of how tough publishing in print is at present comes with the news that 3 publications targeting the emigration market have all closed this month.

Firstly, Sussex-based Consyl Publishing went into administration this week. They published two newspapers for Australia & New Zealand and claimed

"The newspapers are produced in this country and are distributed all over the UK. Each month we have
5000 printed of each title, with 2000 of these going to individual addresses. We also send copies of both
newspapers to library reading rooms where they are very well received."

This is somewhat at odds with information furnished by the liquidators, who say

"Further to our recent telephone conversations please be advised that from what I can tell there are

57 Names and addresses on the subscription list for the New Zealand Outlook and
110 Names and addresses on the subscription list for the Australian Outlook

167 names and addresses in total on the subscription list."


Secondly, Emigrate Magazine has sadly migrated to the hereafter after just 8 issues. Published by the Johnston Press (-£450,000,000 debt and counting)- its final issue contained a pyrrhic speech by editor Paul Beazley who celebrated its editorial integrity, but oddly not the complete absence of readers which accounted for its closure.

The same company also closed its digital magazine - World of Property - which rather shot itself in the online foot by charging ludicrously low amounts for advertising ; thus making advertisers suspect no one was actually reading it.

Looks like they were right.

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