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Sunday, April 22, 2007

BLU for you

Another recent recruit to the growing "Web first Print later" fraternity is BLU Magazine, which launched in the US last month.

Its mission statement reads as follows -

Blu is the social, fashion and lifestyles sourcebook for the United States’ most discriminating single adults. Male and female single, confident, professional, affluent adults aged 30 years and older are the most underserved demographic in the consumer magazine community. Through utilization of a sophisticated, sleek format and sharp editorialization and reporting, Blu satisfies the intellectual side of educated, professional adults, while also catering to the whimsical, spontaneous personalities typical of unmarried affluents.

Er.... whatever that means. All I can say is that if you are thinking of launching on the Internet first then make sure that you design for the web rather than the page. BLU is full of text, reversed out and otherwise, and too many pictures are hard to read.

Must try harder...

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