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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dennis Monkey about

Dennis has confirmed its next venture in the lads' mags arena will be Monkey, a free weekly e-mag aimed at 16 – 30 year men.

The publisher has had an online holding site, promising "sex, fun, sport, gear and cars" since August but had declined to speculate on the exact nature of the product.

Dennis has now revealed that Monkey will be delivered in a weekly email to on-line subscribers from November 1 and its format, will according to its makers, "bridges the gap between familiar print products, online sites and newsletters, with the advantages of all three".

Monkey will have a conventional magazine layout, with approximately 50 turning pages and the traditional cover girl front page but also video clips of girls, jokes and film trailers in its digital format, produced in conjunction with e-edition publishers, Applecart. It can be viewed online or saved as a PDF.

Monkey's launch has been trailed via Maxim's website, James Carter, Director of Dennis NPD said: "Monkey will be a cheeky, sexy mix of girls, sport, cars and humour with around 50 pages of content making it ideal for consumption at home or in the workplace.

"We'll have the best viral videos, the latest music videos and movie trailers, games which you can actually play, sexy girl shoots – all the things which you get flat and static in traditional magazine brought to life on a platform men are using more and more as their primary source of entertainment and information."

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